Privacy Policy 

Our law firm adheres to the privacy and confidentiality expectations for attorneys licensed to practice in the States where we do business. Accordingly, upon retaining our services, we maintain clients' confidential information and do not disclose it except as required to prevent imminent commission of a crime or bodily injury. 

In addition to adhering to the attorney-client privilege, we do not sell , trade, transfer, or otherwise deal in information collected by persons visiting our websites or social media. The platforms we use for such services may collect some information regarding demographics, age, sex, gender, and location of persons visiting our sites, however, this information is not provided or collected in a way that permits identification of the persons visiting the sites.  Also, any information that is collected is not used for financial benefit other than to more precisely target clients to whom we may seek to send our message regarding our services. In other words, we do not engage in the marketing or sell of information.   

Teague & Chambless, LLLP is a Georgia limited liability limited partnership with members composed of James Stuart Teague, P.C. and Keisha Martin Chambless, P.C.  Billing is at standard hourly rates, or contingency fee depending on the legal matter. Powered by Squarespace.